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Marlboro Hard Cigerate Antworten

It has a mellow, delicate, natural and plump tobacco flavor with a sweet aftertaste. The fragrance is sufficient, and it is in the same line as the domestic version. It has an obvious smell of raw smoke Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which is basically acceptable to the individual, but it has a sweet feeling when you return. The flue gas has good lumpiness, and is thick and thick enough to relieve addiction. The cigarette case is based on off-white tone. Except for the upper and lower ends, there is a wide silver-gray vertical bar on each side, and there is a thin silver side on each side near the edge. The filter tip is pure white, with two rows of less obvious laser perforations in the middle section, two thin silver circles around the front end, and a red "" on the upper side. Generally speaking, the white filter tip is very clean and ignited. The familiar scent flows between the lips and teeth. The mouth is smooth when inhaled, and the aftertaste is clean and comfortable. This is an essential element for high-end grilling Marlboro Red. Can be found on. The taste is more delicate and the aroma is stronger. The tobacco is golden and oily, pleasing to the eyes, elegant and full of aroma, soft and plump smoke, comfortable and clean to eat, forming the unique style of "Jiangsu First Smoke" soft, fragrant and elegant. The hair is very transparent, delicate and long, and some fragrance remains in the mouth after spitting out.
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